Winners announced for the European artist’s book competition “Artists’ Books on Tour”

On Monday, 27 June 2011 at the MAK in Vienna, an international jury announced the winners of the Europe-wide artist’s book competition Artists’ Books on Tour: among 158 projects from 26 European countries, works by five artists were chosen as winners and recognized with prizes of € 2,000 each; 45 further works received honorable mentions.

A major aim of the competition was to gain an overview of Europe-wide creative work in the artist’s book genre. A total of 925 projects from all over Europe were submitted to the artist’s book competition Artists’ Books on Tour. Of these, 158 projects entered the final round following three days of preliminary deliberations by the jury.

As a further central element of the project, the MAK is updating and expanding its database of illustrated books. Its holdings of this type, comprised of around 2,000 objects representing various artistic movements ranging from the Vienna Secession, Russian Constructivism and Viennese Actionism to contemporary works, will be digitized and made accessible online to the general public.

The winning projects of the competition Artists’ Books on Tour will be shown along with those recognized by honorable mentions in the form of a mobile museum which will make stops in Vienna, Prague and Ljubljana between October 2011 and May 2012. At the MAK in Vienna, the exhibition Artists’ Books on Tour – Artist Competition and Mobile Museum will be shown from 12 October 2011 to 22 January 2012 in the MAK Works on Paper Room.

Winning projects: Katarzyna Wolny (Poland), Lien Buysens (Belgium), Julie Kačerovská (Czech Republic),
Elena Peytchinska (Austria), Matthias Krinzinger (Austria)
Honorable mentions: Veronika Schäpers (Germany) Rainer Fest (Germany) Sky Nash (United Kingdom) Beatrix Mapalagama (Austria) Christoph Rothmeier (Germany) Amélie Dubois (France) Patrick Sauze (France) Libby Scarlett (United Kingdom) Edith Kollath (Germany) Katrin Herzner (Germany) José Rosinhas (Portugal) Vuk Cuk (Serbia) Marie-Noelle Fontan (France) Karin Sulimma (Austria) Sabine Golde (Germany) Lyn Hagan (United Kingdom) Maria Szczodrowska (Poland) Filip Tofil (Poland) Aïdée Bernard (France) Ilona Kiss (Hungary) Max Marek (Germany) Celestina Vičević (Croatia) Tristan Perreton + Claire Andlauer (France) Andrea Pezman (Slovakia) Carolyn Thompson (United Kingdom) Gerlinde Hofmann (Germany) Susan Deakin (United Kingdom) Kate Owens (United Kingdom) Livia Mateiaş (Romania) Lucas Kunz (Germany) Mario Kolaric (Croatia) Javiera Pintocanales + Georgina Aspa (Spain) Manuel Blázquez Palacios (Spain) Sandra Djurovic (Montenegro) Michail Molochnikov (Germany) Agata Kosmacz (Poland) Rachele Riviere (France) Irena Frantal (United Kingdom) Gerhild Ebel (Germany) Valerie Buess (Germany) Consuelo Vinchira (Spain) Josipa Saric (Croatia) Igor Mudronja (Croatia) Laure Grimal (France) Johanna Haigl + Kurt Weckel + Guenter Miklenic (umraum artcollectiv) (Austria)

Jury team (from left to right): Maria White (Chief Cataloguer, Tate Library, London), Florian Pumhösl (Artist, Vienna),  Martina Kandeler-Fritsch (Acting Director MAK, Vienna), Kathrin Pokorny-Nagel (Project Leader MAK, Vienna) and Jianping He (Graphic Designer, Berlin) © MAK/Georg Mayer


To create more public awareness for the book as an independent genre of art production, the EU-funded project "Artists' Books on Tour - Artist Competition and Mobile Museum" was launched in June 2010 by the MAK - Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art (Vienna) with the MGLC - International Centre of Graphic Arts (Ljubljana) and the UPM - Museum of Decorative Arts (Prague). The core activities of the project cover 

  • the implementation of a competition among European artists
  • the evaluation of the results by an international jury awarding the best submissions
  • the presentation of selected works in a "Mobile Museum" touring several European cities